The Fallen Journalists Memorial will be a prominent national symbol that serves to commemorate those who have sacrificed their lives. It will educate and inspire generations around the world about the essential role a free press plays in democratic nations.”


  • Recognize and honor journalists’ heroism and lives sacrificed in service to democracy.
  • Convey the dangers journalists face in protecting and documenting the truth enabled by freedom of the press.
  • Provide a place for reflection and intimate contemplation for the public and serve as a focal point for those personally connected to fallen journalists.


  • Raise awareness and educate visitors about risks to a free press and the contributions of journalism as a pillar of democracy (i.e., the Fourth Estate).
  • Illustrate journalists’ role in witnessing, recording, and documenting historic events and seminal moments from diverse backgrounds and perspectives


  • Serve as a beacon for freedom of the press and emphasize that a free and independent press is a worthy cause in the past, present, and future.
  • Showcase America’s commitment to a free press as a world-wide example and source of aspiration.
  • Inspire young memorial visitors to consider a career in journalism.