It’s Time to Put Up a Memorial for Fallen Journalists

It’s Time to Put Up a Memorial for Fallen Journalists


There’s a memorial missing in our nation’s capital. But you can help change that.

Last year, on June 28, 2018, five journalists at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, were shot and killed by a man who had been the subject of a news report in its pages years before.

Gerald Fischman, Rob Hiaasen, John McNamara, Rebecca Smith and Wendi Winters were their names. Their shooter, 38-year-old Jarrod Warren Ramos, was indicted on 23 counts stemming from the shooting, including murder, attempted murder, assault and other charges. He finally pleaded guilty last month, on Oct. 28. 

The five newspaper employees were just doing their jobs when they were slain. Fischman was an editorial page editor. Hiaasen was an assistant editor who had celebrated his 33rd wedding anniversary the week before. McNamara had been a reporter there for more than 20 years. Smith was a sales assistant, just 34 years old. Winters was an editor and community reporter who left four kids behind.